This is a space to help keep track of some of the on goings of the #24HoursOfCrossStitch Facebook group dealing with both the marathon events that take place as well as the monthly challenges.

We will also be posting the printables that come out with monthly challenges so that those who don’t have Facebook also have a way to participate. The buttons below will direct you to each particular challenge with a brief description of it as well as a link to the printable.

Enjoy, and as always Keep Making X’s

For any questions about #24HoursOfCrossStitch we now have a FAQ Page!

And the 2020 planner is now live! Head on over to my Etsy page to get your copy!
Here is a short walkthrough video of the 2020 24HOCS planner as well as a link straight to my Etsy page where you can pick yours up!

*Purchase of the 2020 planner is NOT required to participate in 24HOCS

January Challenges and their associated printables have been updated as well as information about our first Year Long Challenge have been posted. We also no have a FAW sheet people can check out, we’ve tried to answer the typical questions we get asked and is a great resource for anyone know to #24HOCS. We are super excited and looking forward to seeing all the stitching done in the new year!

We’ve also posted the dates for all of the marathons that will take place this year so that people can prepare accordingly. We will be having official 24 hour marathons on:

January 24-26
April 24-26
July 24-26
November 6-8.

These are the current set dates, but please understand if things come up they may need to be moved. We will do our best to let you know of any changes as soon as we can, but as we all know life can sometimes be a bit unpredictable.

We’re super excited about furthering this community in the coming year and hope that you will bring any feedback or questions that come up to us. Let’s continue to make lots of little x’s!

For those who missed past challenges and want to see what they were, or for those who want to visit memory lane, here is an archive of all former challenges.

Curious about the origins of this group? Just click this button to find out!

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